From an idea of Roberto BRUNI;  his  latest novel

  The Island  of  the  damned

Three kilometers! A crooked land strip three kilometers long ! An umbilical cord parting the world of the “good” from the “bad” ones, clashed by strong ocean waves and crowded by sharks!

The world wideTV channels following from up high in the sky the convicted person walking towards the island of the shameful for the rest of the life. One by one and alone. You can decide not to enter to the damned island but the question is how to survive on a narrow and long artificial strip of land ?  You have to decide to either enter the island or die! People is watching you thru media news, maniacal people which is eager to see what you decide to do.

If you are a famous person, coming either from politics, movie world, sport or any person brought to the highlight of the public opinion for what you committed, the world wide TV show is guaranteed!

When you will enter the island of the shameful you will have to stick to the laws set by its governors. In the world of the good ones there is no longer death punishment as decided by the global government in 2100 and the same applies in the island, unless it happens…..

In the world of the “good” ones the capital punishments are switched to “bound to reach the destination on the island located….

The island  identified in the novel is named after Caraguera in the Gulf of Mexico.

Many other islands used for the same purpose are spread in various places of the world. In agreement with the world of the “good ones” the Caraguera island will not take more than ten convicted people per week. The top fixed amount is set only to enable who govern the territory, namely former judge Robert Goldberg to personally meet each entry, to speak with each one of them and make them become part of the diversified works available in each city of the island and also reflecting what they used to do prior being convicted and with the prime purpose in function of daily and developments’ needs of the island’s society.

Absolutely no convicted person has to learn reasons why the confined companions were diverted to the island, unless they wish to confide among themselves, open their souls, repent and think about social revalues.

The problems arise when it is decided by the Global Government  to suddenly enter five thousands convicted in the island all at one time….People who wants to take possession of the island…. Convicted people for diversified brutal crimes, mafia, war, violent raping, murders of any kind …..

The unexpected giant crowd would create an exploding situation on island living rules that were accurately developed by judge Robert Goldberg with the aid of a handsome woman, namely Maria Luna, great expert of Maya’s people civilization….

It would seem to be an almost impossible rebellion of the people confined in the Island of the Shameful against the world of the “good ones” at first stage and secondly versus new entries !  A rebellion also to be extended to a woman general, namely: Doc. Ferguson extremely hard and inflexible,  who will then be increadibly charged for war crimes and convicted later on and confined in this same island….among the people she had persecuted….

We are facing with a global world of the “good ones” under collapse, caused by devasting politics and wrong economies, created in the first place by “signoraggio”  phenomenum and central bankings’ behaviour.  A world that is in search to change direction and thinking to put remedies to mistakes, but is toto late.

Is it possible that a population of Shameful people is able to create a better society to be taken as an example of the one run by the so called  “good ones”, which confined them to the island of the shameful ?

The intriguing stream of succession of vicissitudes of the personages accompanied to personal stories, are evidencing that such situation could eventually materialize, if judge Golberg…….